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Performance, efficiency and hygiene

A clean result thanks to the best performance. A new era of cleanliness starts with HygieneFlush. The innovative flushing technology developed by Duravit is impressive with its extremely powerful flushing flow, as it cleans the entire inner surface of the toilet perfectly, with no splashes.

That's HygieneFlush

Two offset openings ensure that the powerful HygieneFlush flushing flow is set in rotation. This ensures that the entire inner surface of
the toilet is optimally cleaned. Independent tests also confirm the efficiency of this new type of surface flush. The open, easily accessible edge area means that the basin is also particularly easy to keep clean, significantly reducing cleaning time
and the use of cleaning agents. In combination with the HygieneGlaze antibacterial ceramic glaze, a previously unattained level of
hygiene and cleantiness is created – making toilet brushes obsolete.

Innovative, well thought-

out water flow for ideal


Powerful rotating flush
via two offset openings

Perfect rinsing of the
front bowl area without

Environmentally friendly due

to low water consumptio

Group 160@2x

Best possible cleaning of

the entire inner surface up

to the edge

Optimum hygiene thanks

to the antibacterial

HygieneGlaze ceramic


Open Duravit Rimless®

flush rim design